• ADM
    Architecture Development Method
  • ARC


  • BCM
    Business Continuity Management
  • BI
    Business Intelligence
  • BOM
    Business Object Model
  • BPM
    Business Process Modeling/Management
  • BPMN
    Business Process Notation and Modeling
  • BPMS
    Business Process Management System
  • BSC
    Balanced SCorecard


  • C4ISR
    Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
  • CEO
    Chief Executive Officer
  • CIO
    Chief Information Officer
  • CMDB
    Configuration Management DataBase
  • CMMI
    Capability Maturity Modell Integration
  • CMS
    Content Management System
    Control OBjectives for Information and related Technology
  • COTS
  • CR
    Change Request
    Ccta Risk Analysis and Management Method
  • CRM
    Customer Relationship Management
  • CRUD
    Create, Read, Update, Delete


  • DAO
    Data Access Object
  • DDD
    Domain Driven Development
  • DI
    Dependency Injection
  • DMS
    Document Management System
  • DTO
    Data Transfer Object


  • EA
    Enterprise Architect
  • EAA
    Enterprise Application Architecture
  • EI
    Enviroment Information
  • EP
    Electrical Port


  • FAS
    Functional Architectures for Systems


  • GPM


  • HI
    Human Information


  • IoC
    Inversion Of Control


      • LP
        Logical Port


      • MBSD
        Model Based Software Development
      • MBSE
        Model Based Systems Engineering
      • MP
        Mechanical Port


        • OMG
          Object Management Group


              • SI
                System Information
              • SIF
                System Interface
              • SME
                System Modeling Environment
              • SP
                Service Port
              • SysML
                System Modeling Language
              • SYSMOD
                System Modeling Toolbox


              • TDD
                Test Driven Development
              • TEAX42
                Tom’s Enterprise Architect eXtensions


              • UI
                User Interface
              • UML
                Unified Modeling Language


              • VAMOS
                Variant Modeling with SysML